Register Dotcom Today before its gone

Register Dotcom Today before its gone

Register Dotcom today before its gone. Over 100,000 Dotcoms are registered everyday. As you may know dotcom is by far the most popular registered domain extension. Because the dotcom extension is so popular it is necessary to lock away your name before someone else does.

Dotcom domain names will Always be King!

A Baby with a Dotcom:
A friend had bought his son’s name as a dotcom. He wanted to make sure it would be available to him in the future. I thought… ‘How cool is that… a Baby with a Dotcom.’

The Internet is a vast virtual property. Big plots are being bought every day. You need to claim your piece of virtual property on the World Wide Web before all the Dotcom lots are taken..

Its cool to have your own domain name:
When someone asks you for your email address, you can say… myname@(your url).com.

Another friend had one of those unbelievable web tales actually happen to him. He bought a few domain names and said that ‘maybe one day someone would offer him some money for them.’  Guess What… within a few years… he was offered $150,000 for only 2 of his domain names… Not bad.

Register your Name as a Dotcom before it’s Gone. Someone once said, ‘when one man is thinking of doing something… there are always 2 others thinking of doing the same thing.’ So you need to Act Fast.

Register Dotcom today!

Domain Names are very affordable. offers domain names for around $9.99 – $16.99 per year which includes many free features. Those of you may remember; domain names were $70.00.

All the best…

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