Why It’s Never Good to DIY Organic SEO Services

Why It’s Never Good to DIY Organic SEO Services

Why it’s never good to DIY Organic SEO services for your website. Entrepreneurs and sharp business people may want to handle SEO in-house. But that’s rarely a good idea.

Being a strong business person doesn’t translate to being good at performing organic SEO services. That’s why it’s important to outsource services to individuals and teams capable of performing the following SEO functions.

Would You DIY Instead of Going to the Doctor?

Then why not let a content marketer handle the copywriting?

Content marketers do research on your competitors and industry to come up with the most enticing keywords that will keep your website popping up in search results.

They’re also skilled copywriters who are good at incorporating even the most obscure keywords into topically relevant blogs your customers want to read.

Content marketing professionals understand link-building, and how that increases your website’s authority.

Leave it to the professionals who understand the importance of a good headline, a hook and how many words to use to achieve desired SEO results.

Would You DIY Your Own Dental Work?

You shouldn’t skip out on the opportunity to have a professional web designer optimize your site.

That’s because many professional website enhancements can cause your SEO ranking to increase. Today, these include streamlined navigation, strategic use of keywords, meta tags and mobile optimization.

Professional web designers are trained to understand how the structure of your website relates to your SEO ranking. They stay up with the latest trends in SEO and understand the ever-changing world of dos and don’ts.

If Fixing Your Roof Isn’t a DIY Job…

Why then do you want to avoid hiring someone to manage your social media for best SEO results?

Links play a big role in establishing your website’s authority on Google. While Google has said links from social don’t carry weight when it comes to your SEO ranking, there’s still an extremely high correlation between social shares and rank.

That’s because content that is interesting on social is more likely to get backlinks from other high authority sites. Social provides an opportunity for more people to see your content and link to it on their blog or other sites.

Besides providing new opportunities to be linked, social media helps you build your brand and your audience, and ultimately that makes you come up in more search results.

Organic SEO Services Are For Pros

SEO is a term covering many tools and resources that can be used to boost your ranking on search engines like Google. In this article we covered three ways professionals can help you boost your SEO:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Web Design
  3. Social Media

Organic SEO services include much more than these three things. No business person has all the skills needed to perform each task. That’s why it’s a smart move to partner with an SEO company that hires skilled individuals to offer packages.

To learn more about how we can help you increase your website’s SEO ranking organically, click here.


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